Image from The Impossible Train Story video © 2021 Reilly Dow

Just over a year ago we created the The Impossible Train Story. Now we invite you to #FinishTheStory — join us to write your own ending to the story and join a movement of collective civic imagining.

It’s time to accept that an increasingly complex world, we need to adapt to more nuanced stories and resist the urge to hone in on the one that is the most black-or-white.

Darkest Before the Dawn by Andrius Banelis as part of the Reimagining Human Rights project shared under the Creative Commons licence

Image from Moral Imaginations Lab, with the Watchet Community, February 2021. By resident artist Reilly Dow

The story of Moral Imaginations so far, one year on since our launch in April last year.

Perception determines our map of the world

If you’ve read the story Flatland, you’ll know about the idea that we are limited to perceiving the world with the senses we have available to us. The 1884 novel tells the story of a square existing in a two-dimensional world, alongside other two-dimensional objects. …

Digital organising is becoming key to movement building and community organising. But are all digital platforms equal?

Recording of the session at the What If Summit

This is an exercise in moral imagining — a body of work developed by a growing network of storytellers, facilitators and narrative medicine practitioners to exercise #moralimaginations. Illustrated by Reilly Dow (@reillypinkfish)

What is the Whole Systems Question Game?



General Ecology Programme

Learning and insight from the cohort of Digital Fund cohort of 29 organisations on collaboration and ecosystems — what works, what doesn’t work and challenges. The cohort take part in a designed and facilitated learning journey over the course of their grants with us.

Phoebe Tickell

Cares about the common good. Building capacity for deep systems change. Complexity & ecosystems obsessive. Experiments for everything. 10 yrs #systemsthinking.

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