Session with the Thought Leadership for Systems Transformation program

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining a learning community based in San Francisco committed to “radically more just, sustainable, and flourishing futures through learning and collective action for systems transformation.” It was a fascinating experience so I’ve written a bit about it here!

Evolutionary Futures Lab based in San Francisco
  • A 75 minute session with a group of people taking part in a year long learning journey about the approaches and practices for systems transformation
  • The format of the session was that I received a series of reflections by participants who went and did research about my work and then recorded their questions and reflections using something called Collective Narrative Methodology
  • The questions ranged from purely methodological (how do you incorporate wild and radical imagination into daily practice for the people you work with?) to more philosophical (about morality and how one navigates morality under the influence of others and human nature) to the personal (How do we know that our moral compass is not functioning, that it’s broken? How do you fix it if you notice it is broken?)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on the participants questions and comments, which were incredibly thoughtful, well-considered and thoroughly researched
  • Their questions and reflections were so deep and rigorous I felt pushed to consider new angles on the topics I am working with and the practices I have developed. The participants also made quite a lot of personal questions about my own life practice and what I use to keep myself balanced and healthy when dealing with such huge and sometimes untenable issues. It pushed me to reflect on that!
  • It was really fulfilling to feel that the things I shared were relevant and chellenging to the participants, who are on the 10th session of their learning journey, having heard from brilliant colleagues. They said that their previous sessions on complexity theory, decolonial practice and systems transformation were helpful to have done before the session on moral imagination.



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Phoebe Tickell

Cares about the common good. Building capacity for deep systems change. Complexity & ecosystems obsessive. Experiments for everything. 10 yrs #systemsthinking.